Wednesday, September 20, 2006

on the road again

Man, i need to keep up with this more often. We go to Florida tomorrow. Carlos comes home from Baghdad. Awsome. And we are also getting living room furniture from him. also awsome. and to top it off i finally get to meet Gisselles other brother and his family. we leave tomorrow and come back tuesday. then friday little molly grace is due. thats all i can write right now. but i'll give a full update when we get back

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sick again?

Ok. So i come into work and my boss is not there. It seems he does not feel well enough to come in today. Thats fine it happens. But it also happened last thursday. and he had the week before off for his daughters wedding. Now why do i bitch you ask? Quite simple. It's because he gives me so much shit for taking days off and is still giving me shit about taking off to go see my brother-in-law who is comming back from Iraq (and is being nice enough to give me and my wife new furniture.) Ok. I'm done bitching about that. So its been awhile since i blogged. Lets see.

Had a BarBQ at the spinneys yesterday. Many people were there. It was Mom and Dad, Mick and Bev, 4 Ugondans, The spinney clan, Dean was there for alittle bit along with A. and her brother. And of course the cutests MotherF's this side of the mississippi. Food was great. Butt was pretty sore after that meal.

Patti woke up early yesterday morning with contractions. False alarm. But that does mean Molly's comming real soon. Gisselle is so excited. She tries to buy that baby anything she can.

We move in this week. We get our keys thursday, so that night after work we start moving things in. our bedroom set comes in on sat. and cable comes in on the 27th.
We're so excited. It's gonna rock.

Thats it for now since i'm at work and all.

Friday, September 01, 2006

it's 10:20 Friday night. we got back from the Spinney's alittle while ago. Now we're just waiting for uniforms to finish washing so i can throw them in the dryer. Gisselle has to work tomorrow and Sunday. Luckily we both have off Monday so we can relax and spend it together. This weekend is Southern Decadence. Southern Decadence is a Gay and Lesbian Celebration. It's interesting/funny to watch but i think the family is gonna try to stay away from the quarter. Maybe all except BB. I heard she wanted to hit the French market. She is such a little lady. Only 13, thats right you count them boys and girls. 13 days left until we move into our own place and start loosing weight cause we're poor. We're so excited. It's gonna rock. We will finially be able to loose the prison this world calls clothing. Oh to be free. ok. i think thats enough blogging for tonight. i'm gonna start playing around with the template and settings. good night.
Alright!! Finally joined the Herrick Clan of Bloggers. Now lets see how long I can stay with it.