Sunday, April 29, 2007

On the move.

Here's a quick update. We are in limbo. All of our funriture and other earthly things are sitting in a kind of loading dock which is the front apartment. They will stay there until either monday afternoon or tuesday morning. Depending on how soon the back renters get out. Hopefully its monday. All we have left to do at the KC address is finish cleaning and turn in the keys. Should be done with that today.

Mom's home!! Hurray! we went to dinner with the family friday. It was scrumpcious. Me, Detective G, My Harry Potter in crime P, and the kids went to the mall. Didn't do much since they were about to close.

Next subject. Work. It's ok. My boss informed me that someone (who he wouldn't say) inquired about my qualifications. I think it may be our sister hotel. They've needed to hire a manager since the storm, but couldn't afford it. Maybe since Our hotel just officially bought it they can now. Who knows, we'll just have to wait an see. And on my final note of work. I got to saw a hole in the wall on a ladder. I needed to pull some cabling and phone lines and push them threw it. The awsome part was when I was pulling the phone lines apparently I completed a circuit and shocked myself. Scared the crap outa me and I dropped the wires. My fingers went all numb and tingly for a second. It was cool. Anyway it's time to get back to work. Till next time.


Blogger Patti said...

Can't wait to welcome our two newest "Algerines"!

5:49 PM  
Blogger Patti said...

Oops, "Algierenes"

5:49 PM  
Blogger Patti said...


5:50 PM  
Blogger H1 said...

I believe it's Algerian. So says google. lol

10:14 AM  

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