Thursday, August 23, 2007


Ok. just a few things. first off I want to respond to my sis' blog from Aug 15th. I have to agree with her. I am so sick and tired of getting emails or listening to people bitch and complain about immigrants. All I hear about is how we're being over run by Mexicans. First off, just cause you look Spanish does not make you a Mexican. Even if you have features that are usually associated with Mexicans that still does not make you Mexican. That's like looking across the street, see two white guys with big noses talking and saying " hey look at those Jews over there." That's just being plain ignorant. The other thing that kills me is that I get all these emails and myspace posts about stopping immigrants and Mexicans and what not, and people seem to forget that I married a beautiful hispanic woman. Her parents are immigrants. And let me tell you they are some of the nicest hardworking wonderful people I have ever met in my life. They are always willing to help out even if they have nothing. They could have $20 in the bank and they would give me $15 to go get something to eat if they even thought I might be hungry. They will work ridiculous hours just to get the job done without complaining. I have yet to meet a "Pure blooded American" who doesn't bitch and complain.
Another complaint I hear about is how they're taking taking our jobs. BULL SHIT!!! They are doing the jobs that "WE Americans" either don't want or are to lazy to go get. They are working these sucky ass jobs with little pay to send most if not all of their check back home to their family. Not working the 9 to 5 to go blow a check at some bar/strip club/bestbuy/other store that sells useless shit. No, they work hard for a salary that some 17yr old could make. When my father-in-law first came here, he was in Miami. He was in construction working 10 to 15 hour days on top of a roof in the sun. At lunch he ate his sandwich on the roof and got back to work. Just so he could provide for his family. That my friends is dedication. That my friends is a real man. Not some little punk knocking up some girl then refusing to pay child support.
And my last rant. If you have a political or religious email or post please take mine and my wife's name off of it. We have our own political views and religious beliefs that we are more then happy with. If you come at me with some political/religious nonsense you will be much better off going outside and talking to a wall. Cause I'm not gonna hear a damn word you're saying. That's it, no questions, Thank you and good bye.

Ok, now that that's over. I went to see Star Dust last night with Detective G, CHia P, and Chia M. Great movie. Loved it. Definitely going to get it when it goes to DVD. It had romance, comedy, fantasy, action and adventure. What more could you ask for. I know how about no creepy dude sleeping next to you in the theater when you go see it. I thought I might get shanked in the middle of the movie. Other then that it was great.

Oh, I almost forgot. Teenky-bot. She is becoming incredibly fascinated with water. She will go and sit in any of our sinks if water was just running in it. And if the sinks been dry for awhile she will sit in it and cry till you turn it on. This morning she was playing with the running water in sink so i decided to use the stopper to fill up the basin. Once filled I turned off the water and left the room to put on my shoes. I come back and Teenky is up to her armpits in the water just waving her hands playing. I raise the stopper to let it drain and she starts clawing at it trying to stop the water from leaving. She such a cutie. Here is the one downside to the water fascination. Picture this. I walk into the bathroom to urinate, raise the toilet seat and release the flow. well apparently she heard the seat go up and knew there was water in there to investigate. Because as soon as "The Flow" started she jumped on the seat to check out the toilet. As expected I pissed all over my cat. Now I have to stop the flow (which really sucks, come on I know you're with me) grab the cat and try to find a way to clean her off. How do you get piss off a cat?

Other then that not much going on right now. We are going to Georgia soon because my BiLM just made Chief. And a few weeks after that we go to Florida because my BiLC is getting married. Busy Busy Busy.

Ok that's it for now. Peace out cub scout.


Blogger Patti said...

Nice post. Love the cat story. Congrats to both your BILs.

12:50 PM  
Blogger H1 said...

What's wrong with spending my money at strip clubs and bars? Ha ha. Just kidding.

I guess after you peed on the cat you could just fill the sink (with water) and let her soak for a while.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Gisselle said...

You tell them baby!

Btw, do cats have armpits??????

9:30 PM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Only a Herrick would piss-mop their own cat. Much love, miss ya lil brudder!

11:55 AM  
Blogger H1 said...

Read dad's blog ya prick!

Tu es muerte!

3:32 PM  

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